The slender nerve that moves the arm of God


This is the engine room of the church where it all really happens.As we pray that we see the impossible become possible. Over the years  whether  three people met under a tree or a huge group gathered,  we have seen tremendous answers to prayer from barren wombs being filled, lives changed, amazing  healing,  marriages take place, to financial issues resolved and more.

We also have a smaller groups of that gather to pray. Every week we have a group of men that gather to pray on a tuesday morning at 7:30am for just an hour.

We also have a monthly Men’s prayer breakfast on a Saturday morning at 8am  where we do a big cook up and enjoy cooking and eating together and so building bonds of friendship.




The Church meets to prayer on a friday evening at 7:45pm for an hour. Get in touch with us if you would like to atttend this.


We also make prayer a part of our Sunday gathering because we belive it is powerful and it works.