Changing Lives

The last command that Jesus gave while on this earth “Go and make disciples”. We aim to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples and so bring change in our local community, city, nation and beyond.

As John Wesley, the great preacher who shook England in the 1800s said: “The world is my parish”. What is unique about Newfrontiers is that we are a group of 900 churches spread across 60 nations that functions through apostolic spheres that are held together not by some headquarters or religious head, but through relationships. We are deeply mission minded and want to make Jesus famous the world over.  So we are not just  “in Pune for Pune” but we want to take the gospel “from this nation to the nations”. How do we do this? One of our core values is planting reproducing churches.

We also seek to engage the community we live in by serving the poor and needy.

Jesus desires that every believer be thoroughly equipped for every good work and be brought to spiritual maturity. Different training tracks are provided to accomplish this.  Leadership Training Courses, Marriage and parenting courses, Church Planting Training, Worship Team training, New believers Courses, Conferences, camps and other events help to build maturity in the body.