Begin your time of prayer with PRAISE.
Ps 100:4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!

Praise your Father in heaven who is:

Loving Gracious Faithful Forgiving
Merciful Generous Caring Powerful
Disciplining Righteous Holy Eternal



Thank God for 5 things in your life (spiritual, material, personal, etc).


World: Dubai-

  1. Freedom of religion
  2. Churches allowed to meet in public building like hotels and halls
  3. Safety of all the Christians in Dubai
  4. Our churches to continue growing and God to do miraculous things

National: Judiciary-

  1. That corrupt judicial officers to be exposed and removed
  2. To be strong against political pressure and uphold the law
  3. To secure the basic structure of the constitution

Church plants: Hindi- Kisan and Nutan

  1. To be able to reach out to more people
  2. Gospel advance in hindi speaking communities in Pune
  3. Firstfruits for Kisan and Nutan from the Hindi speaking communities
  4. Converts from muslim communities

Word of Grace Church:

Spiritual Growth:

  1. Feed on God’s word regularly
  2. Pray continually
  3. Reach out to the lost
  4. Be used for the Advancement of God’s kingdom
  5. Make disciples and Baptize them in Jesus’ name
  6. Use spiritual gifts to build up the body
  7. Be a people who are continually filled with the Holy Spirit


  1. Increase in Sunday attendance – 100 people to attend regularly
  2. Increase in our monthly offering
  3. Increase in those involved in serving the church


  1. To be committed to attending Sunday worship, Weekly Prayer and other events
  2. Committed to being faithful in giving our tithes & offerings
  3. Committed to using our gifts to serve the church
  4. Committed to loving one another and maintaining unity
  5. Committed to befriending the lost and sharing the gospel

In-depth Discipleship Training:

  1. Thank God for the ones who have come forward to be trained
  2. It would build solid Christians and raise future leaders