Begin your time of prayer with PRAISE.
Ps 100:4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!

Praise your Father in heaven who is:

Loving Gracious Faithful Forgiving
Merciful Generous Caring Powerful
Disciplining Righteous Holy Eternal



Thank God for 5 things in your life (spiritual, material, personal, etc).


World: Burundi- For Donna Bloomfield and her Team

  1. That they would be allowed to meet
  2. To own their own church building
  3. Teaching Foundations for Farming- be allowed to continue
  4. Peace and political stability
  5. Peace and political stability

National: Elections in Karnataka

  1. Free and fair elections
  2. Righteous and secular government to come into power
  3. Protection of Christian institutions and churches

Church Plants: Hyderabad- Jeevan and Rakhi

  1. Strength in the group
  2. Firm doctrinal foundations and unity
  3. Baptisms and Baptism in the Holy Spirit to take place
  4. Jobs for Addi and other needs in that group

Word of Grace Church:

Children’s work:

  1. Thank God for the children in our midst
  2. Pray for their protection from all harm, danger, sin and sickness
  3. Pray that they would grow to know Jesus, love him and follow him
  4. That they would excel in studies, sports, music, and in every sphere
  5. Pray for Sunday school teachers who have a heart for kids and are able to communicate and engage them in the truth.

GYM Groups:

  1. People would meet regularly
  2. Everyone would be impacted, encouraged and transformed
  3. More people to join the GYM Groups

Leadership Team:

  1. For more leaders to be raised up
  2. For current leaders in the church, especially Colin and Navaz


  1. For the unsaved in our midst to be drawn by the Father to Jesus. Jn 6:44
  2. For the salvation of friends/family/colleagues 2 Cor 4:4 eyes to be opened