Begin your time of prayer with PRAISE.
Ps 100:4 Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!

Praise your Father in heaven who is:

Loving Gracious Faithful Forgiving
Merciful Generous Caring Powerful
Disciplining Righteous Holy Eternal



Thank God for 5 things in your life (spiritual, material, personal, etc).


World: Syria

  1. That local people who are most affected from the poison gas attack will receive help in the midst of this horrific tragedy.
  2. To end this systematic genocide and no rash decisions to be made
  3. That the U.S and Russia will come together to work out a peaceful solution to this crisis
  4. That God will move in the midst of this ongoing tragedy and reveal himself to the Syrian people drawing them to Jesus

National : Church in India

  1. To be built up and strengthened
  2. To become active in the community
  3. To evangelise rapidly and advance God’s Kingdom
  4. Move of God in the country through the church

Church Plants :

Goa- Alex and Donetty
  1. House completion on time
  2. Divine appointments with people who will be a part of the church plant
  3. Other couples to join them
Mira Road- Ryan and Lakshmi Fernandes

Word of Grace Church:


  1. For singles in our midst to find godly compatible partners.
  2. For a release of marriages across churches in our nation.
  3. For Marriages in the church to be strengthened


  1. For those looking for a job or a change in job
  2. Would have job success, increase in salary, recognition and be a blessing
  3. Pray especially for Vijaya, Lasya, Sunith, Kisan, Celeena, Victor, Catherine, Ephrem, Toni, Christy – to be confirmed and promoted to Engineer


  1. God would heal those who are sick in our midst
  2. We would regularly see the power of God manifested in healings at our public and private gatherings
  3. Miraculous healing for Rushi and Catherine
  4. Colin’s throat and Austine’s throat, complete and quick healing
  5. Ralphy- Fever and Cough. Pray for his lungs to improve and immunity to increase
  6. Victor- Kidney stones; Meher- Tailbone
  7. Jordan and Joanna – supernatural healing of squint in eyes without the need for an eye operation
  8. Christy – mother’s healing from the hysterectomy operation
  9. Austin & Alices’ dad – deliverance and healing
  10. Deepthi – Varicose veins
  11. Sunny Crohn’s