Word of Grace Church is apart of RegionsBeyond which is a family of churches joined together in apostolic partnership to take the gospel to the ends of the earth! RegionsBeyond has come out of what was known as Newfrontiers Intl. When its leader, Terry Virgo retired, he did not appoint a successor but recognised and released several men with apostolic gifting in their own right.

So Newfrontiers is now made up of 17 such apostolic spheres that criss cross the globe. This is not a pie sliced into neat geographical wedges , rather its a network of churches that have chosen to belong to a sphere because of relationships rather than structural organization.

RegionsBeyond is led by Steve Oliver along with a developing nucleus of gifted men and woman who are pioneering, lending their godly wisdom and insight into shaping who we are and what we are about which is primarily making disciples that plant churches  that disciple.


We are making an attempt to document as many messages preached at various RegionsBeyond gatherings by blogging them.These messages are important in that they are foundational in stating, and developing the vision and values of the movement. If you want to catch the heart of what we are ll about go through these resources and let a fire start in and through you.

God bless.