Unity in the Church: Part 1 by Daniel Macleod

This message on Unity was preached by Daniel Macleod at The Regions Beyond Conference ‘the HUB’ in November 2017 and the video replayed at Word of Grace Church on January 7th, 2018. 

Phil 1:27- 30

Zinzindorf made a village for the Christians who were being persecuted. They were from different backgrounds and could not get along with one another and had many a fallout. He prayed and preached on unity. He created a document of covenant centred around Christ crucified.

We need unity around essential things. The whole village came together and broke bread. The power of God came- the meeting lasted 10 hours. There was weeping, joy etc. They instituted a prayer meeting that lasted 100 years. From there, many people went out with the gospel. They realized they could not do without the power of God.

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