Zoom Worship  August 29th, 2021

This is an edited version. This worship was led by Lasya Be blessed as you listen to this and do write a comment on how you have been blessed by the worship. You can also listen to testimonies shared on Sunday.


  • 1.00:00 Raise a hallelujah
    2 07:40. Breakthrough
    3. 16: 16 In Christ alone
    4. 20:10 All hail the lamb
    5. 22:06 All heaven declares (Breaking of Bread)
    6.25:07  Have it all (Offering)*


00:11- Vivek

02:52 Andrew

03:27 Sunith& Samantha

11:05 Sunder

15:22 Pinky

15:52 Asha

17:35 Manesh- prophetic dream

19:32 Colin – word of encouragement from Heb 11

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