Zoom Worship  November 21st, 2021

This is an edited version. This worship was led by  Navaz. Be blessed as you listen to this and do write a comment on how you have been blessed by the worship. You can also listen to testimonies shared on Sunday.


Living Hope

04:27 Jesus Beautiful Saviour + spontaneous singing ( pouring it out)

11:40  I will worship

13:05 Jesus, we love you + Spontaneous worship ( All our devotion,Holy is the Lord)

19:21 And I stand in awe & Let my heart burn for you

24: 28 This is amazing grace ( Breaking of bread)





1:38- Lasya

3:44 Colin

4:04 Tony

5:07 Hazel

8:12 Fanny

12:26 Meena

14:25 Chris

15:26 Samantha – sharing a word of encouragement

16:58 Manesh

18:25 Asha