If you are new to Pune and are looking for a church you are most welcome to join us on a Sunday morning at 9:45 am at Ashirwad Hall, 892 Synagogue Street (off Bootie Street), Camp, Pune.  Please check the Google maps link (below on this page) for directions. We are an English-speaking community from different cultural, religious, social and national backgrounds who absolutely love Jesus and aim to live this beautiful life God has given us by following the blueprint set out for us in the Bible empowered by His grace.

If this is the first time you are attending a church meeting like this, we’d like to share what you can expect in the next two hours. Two hours you might say!!!! Don’t worry. Time will fly! 


Someone will open the meeting welcoming everyone, and encouraging us to focus on God by either reading a portion from the Bible or saying a short prayer.


The band will then lead us into a time of thanksgiving and worship which we express in songs sung to Jesus.Please feel free to participate or just listen.Worshipping God through song is a common practice among Christians and is even encouraged in the Bible. We love to sing ! During this time people from the congregation are free to pray out aloud, read a few verses from the Bible or share what they feel God wants them to talk about. We might even have people share what God has done for them during the week : it may be a healing, a prayer answered  or help received from God in a difficult situation.


As commanded in the Bible we will then take part in what is often referred to as the “breaking of bread”, or the Holy Communion. —During this time we reflect on Jesus’ death on the Cross, His resurrection and the eternal Hope we have because of this great sacrifice.


We also express our thanks to God by giving back to Him a little of what He has given us. We call it our offerings.You are free to participate or just let the bag pass you by.


We may spend time in prayer for a few minutes: praying for our country and leaders, our city, and for personal needs. We do this by breaking up into groups of 3 to  4. This helps each one of us engage and get to know each other a little better. You might want to participate or just be an observer.


Last but not the least someone will Share a message for half an hour,  based on a portion from the Bible.These messages are relevant and speak to our daily lives, helping and encouraging us to live a life that pleases God in every way.



If there is any way we can help you please do not hesitate to contact us on wogchurch@gmail.com . GET DIRECTIONS [https://goo.gl/maps/KekjsK6Xomn]