Word of Grace Worship  Aug 20th,2023

This is an edited version. Lasya led this worship. Be blessed as you listen to this and do write a comment on how the worship has blessed you.

SETLIST 1. Give thanks to the Lord (Forever)

2. In every day that dawns (I’m grateful)

3. Hum gaaye hosanna

4. God You’re so good (Amazing love)

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How To Live In Terrible Times

Colin preached this message at Word of Grace on August 20th 2023

 These days, every time we read the news, we get depressed. There’s so much going on. So many terrible things are going around us. When we see these, we wonder how to live with these things going on. In the West, there are terrible things going on that are different from what’s going on here in India. How do we, as followers of Christ live in terrible times?