Word of Grace Worship  Aug 20th,2023

This is an edited version. Lasya led this worship. Be blessed as you listen to this and do write a comment on how the worship has blessed you.


You’re good 

Tu Mahan 
There is none like you
I need you more
How marvelous how wonderful


Lamb of God  (NEW)

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1 Peter 1 Part 4

Lasya preached this message at Word of Grace on August 27th 2023

 This is part 4 of a new series on the book 1 Peter. Peter is reminding this reader who is the Jewish diaspora scattered in the region now known as Turkey. He is giving them perspective in the midst of immense persecution by reminding them that they are God’s chosen people who are strangers sojourning through this world but for a short while. In the midst of the trials, Peter reminds them how to continue to live holy lives that bring glory to God.